hold me and don't let go (arnogseel) wrote,
hold me and don't let go


i guess while i wait for my ride, i'll do a quick survey update.

taken from erin

Summer 2004
TEN Things You Did
(001.) saw m5 for the 22nd time
(002.) saw john mayer played live for the first time
(003.) left john mayer to go to target/walmart (forgot which one lol)
(004.) humped three girls LOL
(005.) went to ppl's graduations
(006.) got albert, anthony, carlos and patrick to go clubbing with me
(007.) danced with albert, anthony, carlos and patrick
(008.) our plan for vegas two years ago finally went through
(009.) had the best birthday parties i ever had
(010.) got matty to sing happy birthday to me =) <3

NINE Favorite Bands or Singers of the Summer
(001.) maroon5. duh lol
(002.) kingstreet
(003.) smith point
(004.) the like
(005.) marc broussard
(006.) gavin degraw
(007.) hoobastank
(008.) jay chow
(009.) michael tolcher

EIGHT Places You Ate At
(001.) quiznos
(002.) mels
(003.) denny's
(004.) king of thai
(005.) d&a
(006.) abc
(007.) bellagio buffet ;)
(008.) the metreon

SEVEN Things that Annoyed You
(001.) ppl not putting on their seatbelts lol
(002.) broken promises
(003.) annoying guests
(004.) stupid guests
(005.) not enough money to do what i want
(006.) sally
(007.) unnecesary fights between stupid ppl with my friends

SIX Things You Bought
(001.) a new digital camera ;D
(002.) lots of concert tickets
(003.) a few cds
(004.) clothes! whee
(005.) sunglasses
(006.) new shoes =)

FIVE Things You Accomplished
(001.) got adam to remember my name LOL
(002.) got matty to sing happy birthday to me lol
(003.) got albert, anthony, carlos and patrick to go clubbing with me
(004.) then got them to dance with me whooo what an accomplishment
(005.) mailed in my graduation papers

FOUR Movies You Saw
(001.) garden state
(002.) spiderman 2
(003.) harry potter 3
(004.) resident evil 2

THREE Things You Wish You Did
(001.) the kingstreet private concert
(002.) i wish i didnt do one thing lol
(003.) graduate

TWO Rules You Broke
(001.) buying alcohol for minors =X
(002.) ........

ONE Thing You LOVED About This Summer
(001.) my birthday parties =)

ok gotta go!

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