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LA trip

cool new layout for the update journal thingy. anyways.

the trip to la was good. the streets of la are not. spending literally all day on the streets, esp. the busy ones with cars make you feel like you worked in a coal mine. my nails were all black (been trying to clean it the whole day) and when i blow my nose, my boogers were black too. hah. nasty.

joy and i didnt get the sin pac but we managed our way to a soundcheck and quite possibly an intern =) thanks to my outgiong personality and pr skills. hahahaha we would've gotten m&g also but we forfeit that for front row seats. for the team. haha. the show was awesome. sara, the like and m5 were great. as always. great show.

before m5 started, i felt very ill, so i pushed my way out of the crowd and into fresh air. when i felt a little better, the crowd was too much to push my way back, so i went up to the balcony only to find m5's family and friends. but being the oh-so-shy me, i found a seat and asked the person next to it if i could sit down. got to talk to her and found out she was Tennessee's mom. nice lady. i sat behind ryan's brother and wife/gf with shawn and his gf. hoped he didnt say anything to me since he does recognize me, he didnt. i tell ya, the view is different up there. different experience. i took tons of good group pics you can never get front row. i then went down and managed to get close to front row on the left. mickey's side =) to finish my deed. even tho i didnt feel too well, i still gotta keep my promise ;P so that was fun hehe and i sorta knew adam would say something about it. THAT was funny. afterwards i just walked around and got a few different angle shots. saw a bunch of celebrities there to watch the show too. i knew m5 was getting big but i didnt know that big. *proud* not gonna bother to mention who i saw tho hahaha lazy.

and thanks to joy we made it back to her house in good time. elyse and i practically passed out for the whole ride back. hope she went to school. jos spend the night at joy's. it was nice seeing everyone again. nice meeting new ppl: nicole, jill and april. thank you marv for looking out for me durin the show =) and for tim and fred before the show.

it was, of course again, another great experience.
btw, did i tell you that i love edward norton? ;D

edited: here are my troubadour pics

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