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btw, i'm so nice

today when i walked back to work from lunch, a firetruck quickly passed by an intersection that i was about to cross. some idiot contemplated whether or not to run across the street or stay in her place. wtf? well anyways, that's besides the point. after all the trucks were gone, i crossed the street to find a cell phone on the floor. i picked it up and looked at it. it was a sony ericsson. not bad looking, pretty nice actually. havent seen that model before.anyways somebody probably dropped it while they ran to avoid the firetruck. and then i'm thinking "hey, i need a new phone..." it's a sony ericsson, so i can just take the sim card out and put mine in. the person would get her voicemail everytime she calls herself and can consider it forever lost.

but i didnt. i left it on. i told myself that if no one calls back to claim it, i'll keep it. she called within 10 mins. there goes my new phone. i'm too nice =( lol

here's a random picture for you:

thought it was ironic

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