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dont say goodbye

well, blake's leaving. there goes my big teddy bear =( and to england? shesh, make it more difficult for us to see you, why dont ya. lol well i'm happy for him because it seems like a good opportunity. some ppl arent too happy about it tho. well i'm not either... i'm just happy for him but sad for us... oh wells, i'm not gonna cry about it. (not like anyone did... yet ;P) this reminds me of back then when i was leaving hk and my two best friends at the time were bawling, as if i died or something. i never cried when ppl leave. i feel that when you cry when someone leaves, it just means you believe you probably wont ever see them again. i mean, why else would you be crying right? yeah you'll miss them and wont see them often, but i dont see gf/bf crying when they miss their significant other. or do they? lol well anyways, yeah when my uncle was in the hospital and living off a machine. i didnt cry. not that i'm cold hearted nor have no feelings for him, but just that i believe if i cry, it means i surrender and believe he'll die. so i didnt cry, until he died.

anyways, i'm gonna miss blake. who else, out of all the guys, would dance with matty? LOL awww, i'll miss his goofy smile. his big warm hugs. his random facts about himself. his button crotch jeans. ah. blake. you'll be miss. *sigh*


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