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yesterday was fun. bcr was better than i remembered them. i guess because i havent seen them in almost a year? great energy. i totally dig the "new" guitar guy, andy. <3 even if he's a 'flamer' lol hotness. or more like hawttttness. damn. yeah. the show was good. i'm glad to actually get to witness the last show of the tour. pp played for a really long time, which was way cool. couldnt help but laugh when darren sang "10 men" LOL all i could see was joy dancing. lol and what's my luck to see them for the first time and for them to take request for the one and only time? lol too bad i know none of their songs tho. =\

so anyways, all i gotta say is that kaumyar and andy give really genuine hugs. like big fat ones. tight ones. i went in the back to get ear plugs and i saw kaumyar so i went up to say hi and he went to give me a hug. i thought he was gonna give me a half hug but he totally took me by surprised and hugged me whole heartedly or something. totally threw me off. and after bcr set, we saw andy at the back so i said "andy! can i get a hug?" it's like my first time meeting him. i threw him off by surprised but he gave me a genuine hug too! and of course, the usual, he said "i'm a little sweaty tho" lol i hear that so much lol. anyways. i adore him <3

my pictures from last night.
and here is a pic of me and andy <3


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