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i had the weirdest dream last night. it's kinda in pieces but i dreamed that i saw the backstreet boys. so of course, i went up to them and asked if i can get a pic. they said, "sure" but i couldnt get my camera to work and slowly one by one they all started to leave except for brian. <3 and so i got a picture with brian and i told him how he was my fav bsb. when he heard that he totally hugged me, held me and gave me kisses on the cheek. non stop. as if he didnt have any fans before or something.and then i had a dream where joy was showing me her penguin tattoos... which is weird because she doesnt have one! and there were two! and i asked her if she's gonna add waves to the penguins and realized that she said she wanted to add waves to her fishes and not the penguins.

you see, before i slept i was on lj looking at people's journals. and someone from an icon community made some bsb icons. and i was looking at it but i thought not much of it. and on joy's lj, she mentioned how she wanna add some waves to her dolphin tattoos. so yeah. my dream last night were influenced by lj.

just wanna tell you guys that.

Snapple Real Fact #275: It took the first man to walk around the world 4 years, 3 months, 6 days to complete his journey.
courtesy of john. thanks!

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