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no sleep for me

so i got a paper due tomorrow... hm... today. LoL and yeah, all i have is my name. fuck me. i'm not sleeping tonight =)

look at my calender. hehe i've been updating everyday for this month so far. i wonder if i can write at least one entry everyday for this month bwhahaha. make it all black =P

i just wanna tell you guys that last night i had a dream about matty. well it's more like i was at a kst concert. afterwards matty was letting us taste his cooking... yeah dont ask. and i had my hands full so he feed me his cooking. ah, the love. it was nice. i miss them =( i swear to you, i think matty must be one of the best looking guys i have ever met. either that or one of the most attractive guy. top five, hands down. same with andy.

man, hot guys. i like. =)

anyways, a while back i went to moma in search for a ring. i came across one ring that's made out of glass. pretty cool. once i paid for it, i put it on right away but kept the box anyways because it was a cool sorta transparent box. the lady put the receipt in the box. i broke the ring in like two days lol. but anyways, yesterday for some odd reason, i was cleaning my room in like 2 in the morning and i came across the box. saw the receipt and figure i should throw the receipt away. opened it and there's another ring inside. i guess the lady gave me one by mistake since i tried on a few.... since no ring is made exactly alike. and forgot i wanted to wear mine? how cool is that? now i have the ring again LOL

p.s. why did you have to come back? :( you suck XP

randomness for you today:
i was waiting for the bus and look what i saw...

graffiti art. mario, anyone?

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