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yo this totally sucks. i was gonna update yestesterday night. or more like this morning. but i decided not to. and now i missed a day. =( oh wells. there goes updating everyday this month. i was gonna cheat and change the time since i'm only a few mins late... but then what's the point? lol anyways. i totally messed up my necklace. aw fuck, it has sentimental value too. first gift i ever gotten from a "bf" =( it was actually thoughtful of him. back then, i loved to play with my necklace and it was a little too short for me. i would raise it up to my chin and whatnot. and he'll always asks me why i did that and how it's too short anyways. and then one day he gave me a necklace and told me how he purposedly got a longer one so i can play with it better. ;) good times. i think i'm gonna try to fix it now

edited: i fixed it! yay! lol

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