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all these little tests

Insanity Test
Your problem is Sexual Addiction
Will you ever be cured? (8) - Outlook good. - (8)
Just how crazy are you? - 36%
This cool quiz by insanitydefense - Taken 255806 Times.
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Who reads your LJ the most?
LJ Username
Biggest fan joslyn
This QuickKwiz by KwizBiz - Taken 80398 Times.
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the REAL you
you are a: sex god/goddness
your friends think you are a: great lover
you will marry: a robot
you like to read: subtitles on movies
you listen to: hardcore
This Quiz by cowboysbecamefolkheros - Taken 40366 Times.
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Who is your lj soul mate?
LJ Username
Your SoulMate gxcad
This QuickKwiz by inthemiddle2008 - Taken 29652 Times.
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What Napoleon Dynamite Phrase Are You?
Pick One
Your Phrase GOSH!!!
Napoleonness - 75%
Will You Ever Be As Cool As Napoleon?? (8) - Yes - definitely. - (8)
This quiz by pimpinit772 - Taken 28134 Times.
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Who is your long lost Live Journal twin?
LJ Username
Your twin is: deconstructor
This cool quiz by livelyhope - Taken 28622 Times.
New - Help with love and dating!

ok, i'm done lol

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