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i've decided to update a little about my adventure yesterday while i wait to get back to work. my day started off with an interview i had with a classmate. learning things about him and vice versa. and then i ended my school day back in the 60's during the time when freedom riders existed and ppl would beat them up for it. how sad ppl used to be. after my time traveling i invaded der's office and graffiti her calender a little. i hope she starts to change her calender daily now or she'll never see my message haha (hint hint)

then we went on a hiking trip on mount. everest #2. along the way almost got attacked by a wolf.... i mean dog. but thanks to our wise choice of not running and my smart idea of screaming to scare the dog off... our plan worked and we werent attacked and the dog ran off scared. yay.

later we went to watch "windstruck" which was a good movie. it reminded me that there is no such thing as a guy like that. hey just remember tho, when i die, i wanna be the wind. when you feel the wind when i am not around, that would be me. after the movie, i felt like i was der's bf and i met her whole family before the wedding or something. oh wait, that was her cousin ;P

and i ended my day watching 3 videos, which is 6 episodes or 6 hours of my life. that was fun. if it wasnt for the fact that my parents came in, i would've finished all the videos till the end =( oh wells i guess that's what i'll do tonight :D weird enough the more i watch the video the more the main character reminded me of my husband. and i basically watched the last 20 mins of the 6th episode of the night in the dark with the lowest volume... with the remote control in my hand so that if i hear my parents' door open, i can turn it off in my bed.

and then i dreamed about owning a kitty.
wow, what an adventure i had yesterday.

stay tone, i'll put up a random pic when i get home.

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