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what i need and what i want

i need to sleep
i need some off time from work nights and weekends off :)
i need have that internship
i need to start taking my school work seriously graduated
i need to stop thinking about the past and move on to the future
i need to exercise i try, twice a week.
i need to watch what i eat <-- working on it
i need a car of my own


i want a new cell phone. i wuv it!
i want to own a kitty
i want a car of my own
i want to bike to school instead no school!
i want to swim once a week working out twice a week should cover this
i want to meet edward norton
i want to go snowboarding this winter whee!
i want to go to new york and visits both martins one is better than none
i want to watch a few movies
i want to go give blood when i'm free. again. <-- damn gotta work on that.

Started on: Around Oct 2004
Last updated: Oct, 12 2005

quote of the day:
i should've known you'll do rock, you're too lazy to move. the loser is actually the winner!
[after losing rock, paper, sissors with me in who eats the last piece]
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