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Where were you October 17, 1989?

was reading christine's journal. didnt even know that "yesterday was the 15th anniversary of the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake." didnt even know it had a name! interesting.

i remembered that day very well. i was at my after school program thingy, outside at the playground. all of a sudden the floor started to shake and i wasnt too sure what was going on. i mean at that age i knew what an earthquake was, but i have never experienced one with such power before. i was in the middle of the yard, i just stood there. confused. while the teachers lookign after us all told everyone to go under the playground... i just looked and not followed haha. after it was over, about 15 mins after, my aunt came to pick me up. all i remember was walking back into the buliding... seeing it totally dark... and the chairs that were nicely stacked against the wall have fallen on the floor.

and nothing at my home dropped. not even the mirrors hung on the walls.

quote of the day:
me: now i get the car hassle free!
John: yeah, it's a really nice car
John: you're have now being elevated to super duper bestest friend
John: instead of just being super friend

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