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are you taken?

i was on myspace and megan posted a bulletin titled "are you taken?" it's pretty much how people would post on their bulletin whether or not they are taken or single... and you copy the old list and paste it on... then add your name and put single or taken... blah blah. i know i'm repeating myself haha and i'm reading the list because some caught my attention... there are some that are normal: their names with either "single" or "taken" and usually added "and in love".... but then... there are some that are quite amusing...


4. will- single like a mufucka

mufucka is my new word. lol if the word is alone... you will never know what it is LOL

11. Richard--Not taken. No takers.
19.Big Reko Trill - accepting applications. equal opp. employee! ;)

20. Dylan - Single. Accepting apps, must not be allergic to stimulating conversation!!

damn... but i am allergic!

26. Tony - taking baby momma applications - must have valid references...
baby.... momma.... applications.....?!? with.... valid... references?!?! ahahahahah

27. Angela- taking numbers...stand in line

28. Chrisman - CAN SOME ONE TAKE ME??

that's cute... and sad at the same time

29. Leigh - Not taken, and nobody will take me...lol
not with that attitude ;P

33. ashleigh eve~ S,S,Single! however, there are some applications pending...hehe
you and angela should meet up

35.*Jennifer*~Taken and in love but still looking for a girl :)
i dont get it? so does she have a bf but wants a gf too? or does she already have a gf but wants another one?

37. Chasi - HELLL NO lol...
i guess you dont like to be taken??

40. Frankie- SINGLE, kinda....in limbo with my girl heather, not sure what the hell i want, haha...
der, i did not know you were dating frankie! lol dump him, he doesnt know what he wants lol

41. Kylie - Negative Ghostrider
so that's like "no" right? haha

42. Eric - Definately Single...I want to meet 27
what about 33? lol


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