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i'm so proud of myself. the other day i had to be at work at 8 in the morning. i offered to drive my manager too since he doesnt live too far away and he takes the bus. i've dropped him off his home once, a week or two ago, but i really dont remember the street or cross street for that matter. just knew it was in sunset. figured i'll call him that morning to ask and also to wake him up since i know he went out the night before... just in case. so at seven in the morning, i was sitting in my car and i called him. voicemail picked up instantly. "fuck, his phone is off" called a few more times and still the same. so i tried to call eric too since i know eric leaves his phone on at nights and he has dropped the manager off a few times... he'll sure know the address.... but eric didnt pick up. "damn maybe he put it on silent" which he does sometimes.

so i figure i might as well drive to sunset and park somewhere so when he does call, i am a little closer to him... and time is wasting as i wait... i have to pick him up at 730. and while i drive, i figured that maybe he lives on 30th.. so i drove to 30th... and as i did that i retraced every road i drove on the last time i dropped him off... i remembered driving up sunset blvd... or was it 19th?!?! but i dont remember which road i turned on... i thought about K but i wasnt too sure. because i have no image of that at all. but then it hit me! i remembered that i hit A.P. Giannini after i dropped him off to drive eric home... so that helped me out a lot. it's obviously before O and after sunset blvd. so i drove passed sunset blvd and saw the church on K. then i remembered that he lived REALLY close to that because i remember thinking about megan when i was about to drop him off.

and so i circled around that area for about 3 mins... it was really easy to find his house because when i dropped him off, i remembered eric mentioning how my manager always parked his car in front of the stairways... it was his "personal parking space" he said. so i looked for his rxs that parks in front of a stairways. and i found his house, right at 725. HAHAHAHAH

i'm good. i felt like i was in some kind of cop movie. placing everything from my memory together to solve a mystery. wheee. just wanted to share that with you guys. and damn my manager for making my brain work in the mornings! lol


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