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i dunno how many ppl know this, but i was offered an internship. well... sorta... more like i asked and he said "i was actually about to ask you that" so i guess i was offered it? aha. well anyways, i was. and so he told me to email him blah blah blah and then when i emailed him, he told me to call him blah blah blah. and uh... yeah... he told me to call him monday afternoon but i called him tues afternoon... hahhaha... i'm so unreliable.... well i stalled partially because i was waiting an answer from joy and partially because i forgot LOL i have classes during that time!

but anyways, i called tues afternoon and i was put on speaker phone. i figured he was probably busy doing god knows what and he couldnt pick up the phone to talk. it's cool. but he's like "I'm actually here with two of my assistances and we were wondering what do you expect to gain from this internship." ............. wtf? [SURPRISE!] this is the interview?! uhh.... i bs-ed something.... totally unprepared. and then he asked if i was looking for a paid or unpaid internship. answered. and then he asked me when i'll be free for an interview... phew... guessed i passed that

then i went out the whole day yesterday and when i got home i got an email from BOTH of his assistances. one asking a few questions that she would liked to be answered when i see her. ok that's cool. i had answers to all of it. but then... the other asked for writing samples... anything that was published work or worked for my courses.... wtf?! [SURPRISE!] totally freaked out! but after a few phone calls and what not, i figured it's just a few essays. english is my worse subject. ugh. not very impressive. oh wells...

but anyways, today was my interview. talked a little with all three of them for about an hour... and now... i'm hired =) but it's unpaid for a month =( and then see how we're doing, how i like it, how they like it, i guess and hopefully i'll start to get paid! but that also means that i gotta continue to work at sony until the month ends... because... i need money.

so for the next month, dont expect to do anything with me during the week. i'll be so busy i only have time to sleep. more busy than now! but at least i'll have weekends off... uh... if i dont close on those days! ahhhhh! it's ok, i'll live through it. i'll just sleep early.... yeah.... ok, i'm gonna need a lot of help. hahaha wake up calls and such. hahaha. the worse is shows =( there are a few shows i wanna go next month. i managed to get BCR in there... BOTh days. yay me... but then i realized that kst have shows too.... =( and it's going to be HARD for me to go... they are both DURING the weekday!! whyyyyy must youuuu torrrmeeenttt meeeeee?! and i miss them SOOO MUCH. you dont even know. argh =(

oh wells... i'm sure i'll think of something....
but guess what... now if you give S.I.N. a call, you might get me! HOW funny is that? hehe
ok i'm beat. sleepy time!

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