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it's a small world afterall...

one person. you find one, you find them all. i went to a private catholic school back in elementry school. it's one of those elementry + middle school thing. you know, from kindergarden to 8th grade. around the middle of 7th grade, i left to go to hk. long story. but anyways, today i got an email saying how someone wanted to add me as a friend on friendster. i didnt know who she was. so i messaged her. apparently, she's from my elementry school. whoa?! she changed a lot, i had trouble remembering... it's been a while... i mean! i'm already going in my forth year of college!! and i moved to hk?! lol haha i was, still am, talking to one of my friends from elementry that i still kit with every once in a while... and we're both trying to figure out who she was LOL and now we're both showing each other ppl from our class. "remember her? she's on it too!" but anyways i'm looking at her friend's list and i'm finding HELLA ppl from my elementry school on this! wtf. wow. now i'm totally shocked. and surprised how they all remember me.

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