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my stalker's guide [edited]

morning: research for about an hour or two...? write about it. went down the drain, slept instead
afternoon: go to class.
evening: go to work at sony
late night: make an appearance at kst concert (hopefully will get to hear a few songs) blacked out before i went... so didnt go.

morning: intern
afternoon: intern, then after intern drive to sac
evening: bcr at boardwalk
late night: drive back THAT was GOOD

morning: intern
afternoon: intern then possibly drive salina and ming to der's house didnt need to drive them, had dinner tho :)
evening: bcr at red devil lounge WHOO! AGAIN!! hehe
late night: party at asia sf yay for dancing!

morning: work at sony
afternoon: work at sony
evening: dinner for laura's birthday whoo hoo! girls rule!

morning: mandatory meeting at sony hah i saw someone nod off in this one!
afternoon: "yum cha" with coworkers and research nice get together. and bought some stuff while i researched too lol
evening: work at sony not too bad
late night: do paper >P went out to eat instead :P

i have no time to breathe.
thank you.

so my busy weekend is finally over. altho i had fun, i'm glad it's over... i can sleep again. i'm looking forward to sat. why? because i go on a date ;) ah ha, just kidding. it's because it's my first REAL day off to myself in a long time. no school. no intern. no work. WHEEE~! i'm gonna totally sleep in until it's 2 PM. i dont remember HOW that felt. probably party all night on friday ahahahahah who wanna join me? and then sleep in sat and wake up... and lie in bed for a while... and then go shopping. whoo. THAT'S a day off. :) you know what would make it better? having it end at ghirardelli... with my brownie sundae. mmmmmm. i think any day is good when it ends with a ghirardelli brownie sundae. :)

chocolate makes ppl happy. it makes me happy. :)

p.s. oh yeah, i have thanksgiving off too! ah ha! yay!

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