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on my lunch break...

this weekend is by far the busiest weekend i have had... but you know what? it's all worth it. lol altho the drive to sac was horrible, i had a great time there and dont regret it. both days were fun. it's fun to rock out front row and sing along to every word and have the band look at you and smile or even sing to you (ahem jos) because you are the many few that knows the lyrics. it's nice to be with the girls and dance like mad men together haha and it's esp. nice to be clapping the same beat together with the girls and have nate right in front of us, doing the same. it's nice how both kaumyar and andy would lift me up when i gave them a hug. and also VERY nice for both kaumyar and andy to put their arm around my shoulders to talk to me. <3 it's nice how jos and nic managed to "draw" themselves into an over age club hahaha so proud of them, those are my girls!! haha it's cute to be crazy over a cute guy with the girls. i had such a great time. makes me reminisce of the past and all the concerts we went to. how they were pretty much like this. well it's not like i dont do it anymore lol i just dont travel TOO much for it anymore. my body cant handle it. getting old lol

and then it was nice to finally dance. i wanted to go dancing for SUCH a LONG TIME. i mean yeah the place was a little small and there werent that many ppl... but none the less, dancing is dancing and that's always fun :) and i got a drink on the house :) and then food afterward was good. mmmmm bacon

got home at 4ish and had to get up at 8ish to go to work. wheee! lol and the funny thing is, my weekend isnt over. LOL i still gotta go to laura's thing after work. then on sunday. mandatory meeting at 8 - 10am. then we're all going to "yum cha" and then i'm HOPING i can get some research done for a paper that's due monday before i work... which is from 2 - 1030 PM. uh yay. and after work, i'll TRY to finish up my paper.

sleep? what's that?!

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