hold me and don't let go (arnogseel) wrote,
hold me and don't let go

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time sure flies

yesterday was the official last day of instructions for me. it's the LAST LAST. like wow. no more lectures for me! of course that is if i pass everything. argh... but can you imagine that? this semester went by REALLY quick. maybe it's the fact that i only had MW classes... made it seem to went a lot faster? well anyways. wow. i'm graduating soon. how weird. i know that technically yesterday doesnt count as my last one because i still have finals... but the finals are take home essays that i just needed to turn in before a certain date... and i have a performance in addition to one of the papers... even easier. and that's it. that's it for school...

what do i have in mind after school? well it's not official yet but i might get hired at fan asylum. so we'll see how that goes :) if that's the case, i'll stop working at sony. then i'll have my nights and weekends off! whoo hoo!

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