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joe mm joe ho?

i like talking to my brother on aim because he always bust out with some cantonese... so it takes me a while to register to what he's saying. it's funny. like when he said goodbye, he said "joi geen" and "hiy gum seen." he would call our dad "baba" which is usually what we call him in person.

so anyways, looks like fan asylum is gonna hire me :) i got until tues to decide. you see they are gonna do a whole thing where they meet up with me to talk the next 30, 60 and 90 days after they start paying me by hour. and if i do good... then everytime we talk, i get a raise. so the start is not too bad... but a couple dollars less than what sony is paying me... but if i get a raise everytime we meet up within those 90 days, then i'll get paid more than sony. then i'll stay for sure. but if i dont... then i gotta think about it. a few dollars less... can add up to a lot of money.

so what should i do? most likely i'll stay tho. better hours~! nights AND weekends off. what a life! i know it's not a big deal for some ppl working now... but for me it is lol i can go to shows again! no more would ppl ask me "what time are you working on the weekends?" AND i can go on trips on the weekends. my god.

whoo. we'll see where life takes me

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