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if there is one guy that makes me scream out his name every single time i see him on tv... it would be daniel. daniel wu. swoon. (and when i mean scream out, i mean it. ask my sister teehee) i think he is by far my second favorite actor to watch. of course, after edward norton. actually, i dont think i scream out edward norton's name every time i see him on tv. it's too long? hahaha i do however like to say "i love edward norton" when i watch him tho. you've been warned... anyways, i have decided to collect all the movies he starred in. daniel, that is. yeah. he apparently was in more movies than edward norton. great. well ppl's been telling me that i'm hard to shop for. now it's easier. any dvds/vcds with daniel in it please. thank you. it's not that he's bigger than edward norton tho. hk just recycle their actors/actresses more often. so i'm thinking, one dvd/vcd per paycheck... by then i'll get it faster. yay.

ok i should stop wasting money. ahahahaha right.

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