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today. tomorrow. and the future.

today i went on a shopping spree. sorta. with my gift cards. it's kinda fun. but also i felt obligated in going. i didnt really wanna go today. damn the rain! i woke up, felt lazy and just wanted to lie in bed. and i did. for a while. called carlos and told him i'm not going. but then i decided to go. and while i got ready, carlos called and said he's bored and wanna do something. so i asked him to come with us :) bought a few stuff. thank you everyone for the gift cards. it was fun! :) altho i feel a little bad because it seems that carlos is just following me. =| i treat him to krispy kreme tho! hehe anyways, got myself a nice shirt that i'll be wearing tomorrow... in the rain :( got a few dvds, one of them with daniel in it :D. a book. and a couple of last min gifts... with my own money!

tomorrow is a big day. really looking forward to that. it's the first actual day off we have together. we've been planning it for a week. teehee. i'm happy. i picked the lunch, he picked the dinner. we both picked a movie. movie hopping for us. which we both thought of at the same time. ah, what can i say? great minds think alike. bwhahahaha~! uh yeah.

i dont remember stating this on lj but my last day at sony is the 15th of jan. after that, my nights and weekends are free of work =) my mom's been calling me fat a lot lately! >( so i'm thinking of going to the gym after i quit sony. i wont be going alone, so that helps :)

First New Years Resolution: Get in Shape. lol

so, yep, that's what i've been doing lately. hope you are having a good week so far =)

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