hold me and don't let go (arnogseel) wrote,
hold me and don't let go

worse memory. dvds. grades

hi i have the worse memory. the other day i looked through my collection of dvd's and noticed that i cannot find the movie "runaway jury." could've sworn i bought it but figured it was my imagination. so i went shopping and found "runaway jury" for a pretty good price. and bought it. then recently, eric came up to me and said that he totally forgot he had the dvd and gave it back to me. it's "runaway jury." so now i have two. >(

now i went looking for "kill bill vol. 2" and i cant find it. but this time i know i had it. the problem is, i dunno if i lend it to someone and forgot whom... or i didnt lend it and my brother took it. cant remember. my brother said that he lend it to someone and remembers them giving it back to him. anyways, yeah. i cant find it =(

so if you have it, please give it back. thanks LOL

oh btw! i got my grades! yay i officially graduated! whee! i'm so happy. i was afraid i didnt pass this one class. in fact, i was hoping in getting a D- hahahaha but i didnt! yay!! whoo. :D

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