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yesterday i went to this craft store with der, she needed some yarn. then i had the urge to start knitting again. and there isnt much people i could think of but what's his name. but i know he doesnt wear scarfs, at all. so i called him and asked him if he'll wear the scarf i knit for him. and he said "if you make it, i'll wear it... but you dont have to make it." LOL so i decided to make lok one instead. but i figure it doesnt make sense for me to make one for lok and not for what's his name. so now i'm making two. and since i'm borrowing der's needles. i'm on a deadline. which is good. or i'll never finish them hah.

anyways i woke up today with a very sore throat. ick. and now it feels better and i'm eating jalapeno chips. hahahahaha yum :)

ok better get back to work now.
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