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what's been going on

this is what's been going on with my life.


look at this. it's on my unofficial transcript:
whoo hoo. i'm a college graduate. thank you thank you. come to the graduation this summer ok? ok lol


the 15th. this sat. is my last day at sony. kinda sad about leaving my coworkers, but it's so close, you know i'll visit.

fan asylum
i had my 30 days review on tues and they officially want me to go fulltime :D that means i get the health insurance yay. and i got a raise. whee! hopefully on my 60 days review i get another raise. *crosses fingers* so now starting the 16th. my schedule consists of this Monday - Friday, 9 AM - 6 PM. they also made me in charge of the matchbox20 and maroon5 (surprise~!) customer service. so if you email Maroon5 S.I.N. or FanBox20, you'll get me. that's so funny lol

so after sat, i'll have nights and weekends off. i'm so excited, never knew how that really felt after i started to work. wheee~! lol


yes i'm in one if you already dunno. small world, he happened to be the brother of "the lowell girls" good friend. that was interesting. it's so far. so good :) but let's not jinx it teehee. <3

that's it :)

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