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should i just buy an ogo and cancel my unlimited mulitmedia? because right now i'm paying $19.99 for unlimited text messaging, MMS and internet. ogo is only $17.99 for unlimited text messaging, emailing and IM. so instead of MMS i get IM. and instead of internet, i get emailing. yes granted i need to buy ogo, which is about $79.99... not that big of a deal... i will use IM and emailing more than MMS and internet. but i use gmail and i dont think ogo goes on gmail. so that kinda defeats the purpose of emailing huh huh and for text messaging, ppl will have to send it to ANOTHER phone number instead of my cell, might be a hassle?? but if it does do my emailing, then 99% chance i'm getting it. :P

ahhh gotta stop spending money haha

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