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i will be lost for about a week

starting tomorrow night, i will be lost. here is the schedule.

tomorrow/friday: work in the morning. drive bart to joy's house after work. then drive to jos' house with joy. slumber party!
sat: wake up, drive to LA. wait. meet up with others. wait. wait. bcr! yay! maybe eat with them later? sleep
sun: wake up. eat lunch. drive back to sf. repack. sleep
mon: work, so you'll see me online at work. then get picked up by Will after work. drive to tahoe. gamble. gamble. sleep
tues: wake up. breakfast made by lawrence! snowboard. snowboard. snowboard. chill. eat dinner also made by lawrence. gamble? sleep
weds: wake up. breakfast mbl. chill. drive back to sf. sleep
thurs: wake up. work. then kst concert! with smith point. yay! party!

WHOOO! FUN. bwhahaha so technically i wont be lost.... but i'll sure as hell be out of town! heheh feel free to call me or text me within that time period tho ahahahahahahah :D i do have an opening on sunday evening. do you want me to pencil you in? LOL jk

edited: so i'm really excited about this. i dunno if i'm more excited about BCR/LA or snowboarding/tahoe. i cant decide. and even if i decided on one, i wouldnt be able to decide if i'm excited about bcr/la because i wanna see bcr -or- because i havent been on a road trip in a looooonnnnggg time and having moslz there... and if i'm excited about snowboarding/tahoe instead, i wouldnt be able to decide if i'm excited because of the fact i'll be able to snowboard, which i really wanted to do in a long while and gamble :P -or- because it's my first trip with them.... him...

either way. i'm overwhelmingly excited.

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