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my snowboarding trip

the trip was great. funny stuff. lawrence is worse than me in the car! he has bigger a.s.s. is all i gotta say. Will was like "rule #1: no sleeping. rule #2. no kissing!" hahahaha but yeah we got a timeshare which was cool: two rooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a living room with a futon. the funniest thing tho. there is a dishwasher in the kitchen, so Will put the dishes in there and i guess a lot of soap because stephen went into the kitchen to throw something away and he's like "WHOA" and there apparently were bubbles all over the kitchen. and i'm like "i only see this in movies" so we stopped the dishwasher and used all the towels we had to clean the mess up.

the snowboarding was good. i actually went on about five runs. fell a few times, but it wasnt as bad as my first time. and i got a lot better. i think if i go on a run myself, i can probably go on more than five runs hahaha. :P it was actually snowing when we were there. the snow is SO nice. so the snow was soft when we snowboard, which is good. doesnt hurt as much when we fall.... but right now, i'm SO sore. not as bad as my first time, but worse than my second. maybe because my second time, i only went on three runs? no clue. right now it hurts when i laugh, it hurts when i sneeze. my neck is in pain. but apparently so is everyone else LOL

and now i'm home. good to be home, even tho it was fun. :)

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