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i'm such a sucker for traps. the worse is that i know they're traps, but i go ahead and fall into them anyways. or as der would put it, "no, you see it and jump in" what happened? well this is what happened. yesasia sent me a $5 coupon. for ppl who dunno what yesasia.com is... just go click on it :D so anyways, i was like "cool" and it was expiring soon, so i went on it to see what i can buy... they are having a deal, 3 vcds for $15 and 3 dvd's for $27. so i fell into the trap of buying three instead of one... argh... i mean... yeah... i rather pay $15 for 3 vcds than $7.99 for one. i save so much more... because the vcds are only $4.99 each hahahahahaha well uhhhh yeahhhh the $5 coupon saved me on shipping. so i basically got shipping for free.

then today, der was on yesasia and she needed one more dvd to make it $8.99 each instead of $12.99. so i went on it... and before you know it... she ended up with one dvd and me with two... so we got that 3 dvd deal thing... but then der's like "hey! if you purchase $50 or more, you get free shipping!" and i'm like "ah hahahahaha i should spend $20 more so i dont have to pay for the $4.99 shipping!" but then as i went to check out, i saw a sign saying, "buy up to $50 and get a $5 coupon" and i'm like, "hey! $20 more and i get free shipping and a $5 coupon." so yeah. uh. i ended up getting 3 vcds and 4 dvds. that's not including the last three vcds i mentioned earlier... about half of them involves daniel :D so that's good ahahahahaha and two of them are der's! so they're not all mine! hehe

looks like movie weekend for der and i. lol
well there goes the whole money management new years resolution :P

P.S. TODAY IS SUCH A NICE DAY. too bad i spent it inside most of the time. :\

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