hold me and don't let go (arnogseel) wrote,
hold me and don't let go

sleeping on muni

Encounter at Work:
guest "do you sell canon cameras here?"

hm... so SARS is getting THIS bad huh.

anyways, i noticed that this is starting to happen to me quite often. as most ppl know (or do they?) that i often like to sleep on public transportations. i cant seemed to help it. i suspect that they all have some kind of sleeping pill... er... thing... in the bus. but anyways, most of hte time, i would end up napping on the bus, muni, bart, whatever... no matter if the ride is long or short. i would managed to sneak some in. i guess it's a skill you pick up when you dont get enough sleep the night before? and luckily, most of the time, i would wake up just in time for my stop. only when i'm really tired that i missed my stop... and it would usually be about one or two stops. not that many. can always walk back. i think it's my subconcious... afraid that i'll miss my stop, so i automatically wake up in time. not too sure. maybe i trained my body to know? hehe i mean if i take it often enough... my body might know how long i can actually sit before it moves again... and when it realizes that i should move again... i wake up?? either way, i like sleeping in public transportation even tho it's kinda dangerous... what else can i do right? read? hah

but recently, when i start to nap and going into my sleeping phase, this ALWAYS wake me up. some MOFO that sits about a seat or two away from me, sneezes this loud ass sneeze that wakes me up. TWICE this has happened to me. and TWICE i was extremely pissed off that they woke me. of course it's not their fault for sneezing. stupidily, i would complain in my mind why someone gotta sneeze so loud. but it's only my sleepy grupiness talking... and i know it's not like they did it on purpose.

but it sucks =(

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