hold me and don't let go (arnogseel) wrote,
hold me and don't let go

procastinating. movies

good old elle, living up to her name: queen of procastination. i am a pro in pro lol why cant i be like der and wake up early in the morning to do her essay? because... i am not der lol i wish i had her motivation... esp. now lol

anyways, as you can guess... microsoft words is open... but i am not typing in it. in fact, i'm chatting with kevin and jonathan and updating my journal. anyways, while jonathan was busy doing his own thing and ignoring me (hehe jk) i was talking to kevin about movies. and somehow he brought up how he doesnt watch movies much and this year so far he only saw a couple of movies. he then asked me how many movies i saw...

so i went to my little plastic card holder that held my ticket stubs and started counting them... only to realized that i forgot to clean it up in the end of the year... what i usually do... apparently i have 2002 movies stubs in here too. OMG it brings back so many memories when you go through these tickets. i also keep concert tickets and whatnot in here also. it's fun hehe

man, i hardly watch movies much anymore. i watched EIGHT movies since this year started... and the year is almost half over... i am kinda shocked how i only saw eight movies this year... but i tripled kevin's amount tho... lol

anyways, i do write down who i watched the movie with on the ticket stub. so while i go through the movies, i'll turn the stub around and look at who i watched it with. that helps a lot in reminising. hehehe it's like "ohhh they were still together then!" or "man i saw a lot of movies with frank" lol yes, that was back then when we used to hang out a lot. or "ohhh, hmmm, we still hung out at that time?" hm... what happened?

ah, people change, you know. shiet happens. and nothing is the same anymore.

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