hold me and don't let go (arnogseel) wrote,
hold me and don't let go

finishing the semester

i am having a panic attack

on so many levels.
-finish late essay for gender and communication before Monday
-finish Sex and Relationship essay before Monday Tuesday
-prepare for oral presentation, which consisted of picture taking for gender and communication for weds
-research on two witnesses one witness for Argumentation and Debate before Monday and email them in.

what can i say? i'm already a dead (wo)man. because i'm closing saturday and monday. sunday i do open, but i'm going out with... *ahem* (LOL you know it's not everyday we got the same days off!) but i think that if i pull an all nighter i can finish the two essay sunday night, monday morning. the research isnt really that big of a deal... i'll do that sunday also... but it's the stupid oral presentation that i cant seem to fit in NO MATTER WHAT. i need time to take pictures. i guess i can do that... tues... but how do i get them all developed and ready? sigh... i guess i'm gonna have to go back to school tues night =( and as i say this every semester around this time....

kill me now

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