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survey! yay!

i like doing these surveys. i took this from anthony, who took this from salina... who took it from someone else on lj hehehe

NAME: just eliza
BORN IN: 1982... SF? aug?
BIRTHDAY: to tell you i would have to kill you hehe
STATUS: taken :D
SCHOOL: sfsu
HEIGHT: 5'6½" bwhaha i'm taller than you!
CAPACITY OF BRAIN: whaaa does that mean LoL

[ L A S T T I M E Y O U...]
HAD A NIGHTMARE: i try not to remember nightmares hehe
TOOK A SHOWER: last night, gotta take one soon
BRUSH YOUR HAIR: this morning
CRIED: ohhh while watching this movie saturday. shhh i dont think anyone knows hehe
CALL SOMEONE: mark to ask where christina's house is!
SMILED: a few hours ago at the party
LAUGHED: a few mins ago at mark hahaha
TALKED TO AN EX: tonight, i thought we needed to talk. apparently he needed to talk

[ D 0 Y 0 U... ]
DO DRUGS: yes... all the time.... right...
DRINK: yes, who doesnt?! lol jk
SLEEP WITH STUFFED ANIMALS: i have some on my bed. i hardly hug them anymore. my pillow replaced it. hmm i should hug it to sleep tonight
HAVE A DREAM THAT KEEPS COMING BACK: i get some once in a while... it only comes back like five years later tho hahaha
PLAY AN INSTRUMENT: i used to. now i'm all rusty
BELIEVE THERE IS LIFE ON OTHER PLANETS: duh, do you think we're such conceited beings to think that we're the only ppl that exists in this never ending universe?
REMEMBER YOUR FIRST LOVE: hmmmm if you can call him that hahah then yes
READ THE NEWSPAPER: sometimes... when something catches my eye and was abandon on the bus
HAVE ANY GAY/LESBIANS FRIENDS: duh, it's san francisco, who wouldnt man lol
LIKE THE TASTE OF ALCOHOL: i dont like most of the taste... but i drink them anyways... weird?
PRAY: sometimes. more before than now
GO TO CHURCH: used to till i started to work
HAVE ANY SECRETS: yeah. who doesn't? <---seriously! <- ditto
HAVE ANY PETS: not anymore, hope to have some one day
WEAR HATS: i just wore oen today =P my new gap hat! hehe
HAVE ANY PIERCINGS: i had one when i was a baby, not by choice of course heheh but i think it's closed now because i dont wear earrings. i'm not very fond of them
HATE YOURSELF: i dont think so. heeh i try not to =)
HAVE AN OBSESSION: maroon5. currently it's edward norton bwahahahah i'm pretty obsessed with the internet
HAVE A SECRET CRUSH: yeah, my bf. wait that's not a secret! lol
COLLECT ANYTHING: i'm trying to do a dvd collection and book collections... still got a lot of reading to do. i also currently own every pixar movie on dvd =) waiting for finding nemo
LIKE YOUR HANDWRITING: altho messy, i like my handwritting
HAVE ANY BAD HABITS: i procastinate like a b*tch lol and i always eat at nights after i get home from work

[ C U R R E N T .. ]
CLOTHING: long sleeves, jeans and socks. still gotta shower! lol
MOOD: eh, not that good. mild headache.
MAKE UP: yeah, washing it off when i shower
MUSIC: Maroon5 - Tangled
TASTE: a screwdriver... heheh
HAIR: almost touching my shoulders
ANNOYANCE: the mild headache
SMELL: i smell nothing hehe
FINGERNAIL COLOR: all natural baby hehe
REFRESHMENT: water hehe
WORRY: the blackmail picture christina took LOL she claimed that she'll show it to my coworkers! LOL that's so awful
SHAMPOO: er... that thing

[ L A S T P E R S 0 N .. ]
YOU TALK TO: my sister
YOU HUGGED: mark, dont get jealous now! hehe
YOU YELLED AT: does screaming because the music is too loud count?
YOU HAD A CRUSH ON: tommy lol i am not afraid of admitting it
WHO BROKE YOUR HEART: that "special someone"

[ F A V 0 R i T E .. ]
FOOD: any japanese food. salads. and fruits hehehehe
DRINK: chocolate soy milk
COLOR: all kinds but neon. i like to wear bright colors tho
SHOES: errr my nine west because they are comfortable
CANDY: i am really into those peachy round thingy right now lol
ANIMAL: anything small heheheh yes even small rats hahahaha
TV SHOW: sex and the city. will and grace. friends. whose line is it anyways
MOVIE: a lot.
MUSIC: maroon5!
FRUIT: peaches right now. after i had "brunch" with heather, i just love peaches haha
CARTOON: hmmmm i like er...
CLOTHING: my perfet outfit that i havent worn yet! lol
VACATION: any vacation is good LOL
PLACE: i like to be in jonathan's room. it's cosy
TIME OF DAY: i like midnight i guess hehe because it just meant that my day has ended and a new one is coming hehe how corny
PASTIME: shopping, going online, watching movies/dvds, making site layouts. depends on my mood really
Tags: time waster

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