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fantasy proposal

girls. imagine this.

you're eating dinner with someone, whom you've been seeing. you know that he's the one or you wouldnt have spent so many years with him. out of the blue, he hands you a rectangular gift. it's not your birthday. it's not your anniversary. and it's definitly not christmas nor valentine's day. 'what is this for?' you ask him. he responds with a strug and answers, 'i dunno, just felt like it.' you open the gift anyways, and your eyes widen with surprise. you cover your mouth in disbelief. you cannot believe he got you that. how could be possibly find such a thing? you look up to him and he smiles. and then he comes over to your side, picks up the gift and with one knee on the floor, he lifts up the glass slipper and asked, "will you marry me?"

guys should learn lol
i'm so romantic, i think i should marry myself HAHAH jk.

i saw this disney commercial once. similar to it. actually that commercial inspire this story... of course. you might've seen it. i'll try to write out what i've remembered. a couple was eating dinner and the wife said to the husband, "you dont remember, do you?" and the husband looked confused and said, "what?" she said to him, "our anniversary..." and he said, "ohhh yeah." and started to look around and dig through his bags. it's funny because you see a string attached to his finger for a reminder. and then he found a shoe box and casually bring it up as if he just found her a gift. and she's like, "it's a shoe box." and he's like "yeah" and she's like, "you got me shoes?" and he said, "open it." and she looked disappointed it. and he looked into her eyes and said, "huney. open it." and she did, and it was a glass slipper. of course, she's happy and all, and he comes over to put it on for her. and she looked around all happy saying, "my husband got me a shoe!"

to be honest tho, i would be happy if my husband got me anything for our anniversary. even a regular shoe. shouldnt expect too much after a few years of marriage hahaha
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