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happy belated birthday for my brother, just missed it by a minute. and happy easter!

Encounter at Work today:
customer "can you get me that 14.95 white clock over there?"
me "sure." walks over and gets it. "is this it?"
her "yes, how much is it?"
me "?!?!?! ..... 14.95"

today at work, as i stood there blankly, i saw a security guard ran across the store, passing me in a second. "that cannot be good," i thought to myself. about five mintues later, a coworker said to me, "what's happening? there are a lot of police outside closing out the street." they were stopping traffic basically. and soon the ambulance came and more police came, etc, etc.

apparently there's some 16 - 17 year old guy on top of my store, wanting to commit suicide. and i'm thinking, he's so stupid and selffish. first of all, you cannot kill yourself on a six floors building. second, if you wanted to kill youself, you would've done it right away, instead of waiting an hour. third, you would've picked the golden gate bridge. fourth, you wouldnt be smiling. fifth, NOTHING is worth your life (even if he was serious, which he was not). sixth, the pain you are feeling now that are making you kill yourself will be inflicted onto the ppl that loves you when you die. and eighth, if you DO jump and dont die (which is most possible since it's only the 6th floor), you get arrested and sent to jail.

there is nothing you cannot do... only things you cannot think of
Tags: thoughts, work

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