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oh dude, this whole song is beautiful,
i'll have to quote everything.
just go to the link. lol

how would you know?
how would you know why you like someone? is it because that person is nice? but then again, there are many other nice people out there... so does that mean you like those ppl too? noo... well ok, maybe this person is nice AND not bad looking... but then again, it's not like he/she is one of the best looking ppl, you know? maybe you like this person because he/she is going for you and you can tell he/she's interested... but then again, it's not like you like everyone that likes you right? what if he/she is the only one going for you? then you like this person by default? could be. or maybe you like this person because you guys get along... but then again... so does every single one of your freinds... but you dont like your freinds in "that way." so how can you tell? what is the real reason why you like this person? and is this reason or these reasons valid?

maybe... it's just because you like them... and that's enough.
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