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can i keep you? - m5 recap

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"I would do anything to end your suffering
But you would rather walk away"

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saturday, as most of you already know, i went to a maroon5 concert at the warfield. well they were actually opening for guster... but i was there for m5! sabrina suggusted that we get jesse, the keyboardist, also my fav of the band, a birthday present since his birthday was on april 2nd... not long ago. and i thought it's a great idea! then i suggested we get adam, the lead singer and guitarist, a present since his birthday passed about two/three weeks ago. but she mentioned how it's been a while and we shouldnt. BUT THEN she said, "we should get ryan something." ryan is the drummer and her favorite band member. "when is his birthday?" i asked her. "september" LOL BUT she insisted that we go get ryan something, but it would be very weird to get jesse something for his birthday, adam nothing and ryan something. so we ended up getting everyone something.

if people know m5, which many doesnt, they'll know that adam is like all about sex or something... so we got him a book called, "365 sex tips" from urban outfitters heheheheheh if you look closely, you can actually see the book in the pic. we also got ryan a book from there saying "be happy! damnit!" because it's full of quotes and sabrina said that he's been quoting a lot. we got jesse a shirt that has the om sign... sorta like peace in indian... because jesse is VERY passionate about no war, peace... kinda person. and we got the other two, mickey, bass player, and james, (this is an old pic from the last concert) the other guitarist, a t-shirt. to be honest, i forgot what we got james, because sabrina picked it out. but for mickey, we got him a shirt with a pig on it that says "dont eat me, i love you" because he's vegan.

sabrina wanted to go early because she wanted to be in front. two hours early. when we got there... there was no line yet. of course. so we walked around and saw their tour bus. sabrina being the brave person she is, knocked on the door and someone opened the door. story short, adam came out to receive his gift. even tho my impression of him the first time i met them wasnt that good, this time he was extremely nice to us. so that was cool. haha should've seen his face when we gave him the book LOL we did ask if we could go inside the bus, but he said that he had some "private business" going on. LOL and that it was only him, all the other band members were walking around. so we didnt...

within the two hours spand of waiting, we met up with other m5 fans that are always on the forum and lived near us. then a m5 friend of ours told us that she saw ryan unloading his drum sets around the corner when she drove passed us to park. so sabrina, being just as obsessed to ryan as me to jesse, literally screamed and power walked around the corner heheh and needless to say, ryan was there already signing some autographs. he has always been nice to us, and he still was.

right after ryan, about 5 min later, james and jesse walked by to go into the FRONT DOOR! the always nice james wasnt that nice this time and didnt even bother to talk to us much. we gave him his shirt, and we took a pic of him with it... and he left really fast. we turned around and jesse was signing autographs. my friend, heather (another der who is more obsessed over jesse than i am) was already talking to him. she was handing him her gifts and we came over to give him his gift. she actually got a pic of me doing it! but all you see is my hand. it's the second picture. hahah this is funny, but i was scared tht the shirt was too small because it was a M and i couldnt find large. so i opened it to see if it'll fit him! hahaha i literally measured him from shoulder to shoulder... i think she got a pic of that LOL or maybe just me showing him what the shirt look like. i was explaining to him what it meant lol jesse said, 'cool, thanks, i'll wear it tonight' !!!!

so the concert was great! we were indeed in front!! but they made me check in my camera because stupid guster wouldnt allow it... something about it being posted on the web or something =( we didnt get to see mickey at all... we never do. not even when i was in the dressing room the first time i met them. so we gave the shirt to someone we knew that worked for them. we were talking to him when knocking on the tour bus lol and asked him to give it to mickey. when the concert started, they all walked onto the stage in a line and i saw mickey AND jesse wearing OUR shirts!!! OMG!! i knew jesse would wear it, but mickey too?!?!?! they are so sweet!! what a day to not have my camera when i actually brought it!!!! you should've seen jesse with that shirt. it fit him perfectly. and when he took his jacket off while he was playing, he looked even better! his arms are so nice and cut! OMG. *drools*

so after the show, we waited around and saw ryan and adam with their gfs. ryan has such a pretty gf! and adam... well... let's just say that the last time i saw adam, nov, he was holding hands with this shirt hair brunette girl, who was extremely nice, at the slims... and this time... he's kissing some long hair blonde LOL so.. yeah. that's adam.

we waited a little longer for the other band members. i really wanted a pic with jesse in the shirt that we gave him! that i picked out for him! but we gave up and decided to walk to the parking lot. but we passed two fans and they asked us if we saw jesse and mickey. apparently, they walked towards the direction we came from... but we missed them. we did decided to go look for them by walking back but those two fans said that we'll have a bigger chance waiting there because they have to pass that area to get to their tour bus. so we did. and indeed, we saw jesse with two friends.

we went up to him and stuff but he said that he'll be back. so we waited more. and he did come back =) he's so cute. my camera would make this small light go on before my flash actually works. so everytime i take a pic in the dark with my flash, the little light turns on and then it takes a pic. so when i take pics of jesse signing autographs, he knows! and he'll look up and make a face for me before they take a pic and i'll get so distracted by those cute faces (and the fact that i had trouble with my camera) i didnt get any pictures of it =(

i gave him a hug and thank him for wearing the shirt and he mentioned how he loves it. and sabrina took a pic of him signing autographs and he was like "whoa, your flash is amazing, it left a trail on the paper." and sabrina said, 'sorry.' and he said, "no, i like it. it's like a drug" LOL i know, jesse is weird, more of a reason why he's made for me. and then in the end, after many picture taking and autographs, all my friends and i came together and took a group pic. i get to stand next to him =) so for about 5 - 10 mins, we were all in the same position because there were about 5 cameras going around to take this group pic LOL and someone felt bad and apologized for keeping him and he said, 'no, i dont mind.'

right then, i wanted to look up to him and say, "can i take you home?" LOL but i didnt. LOL i should've tho. *regret* i'll do it next time. but, you know... he never smiles when he's taking pictures with me! only for the group pic... but that's a group pic! =( maybe next time =) they are coming back in june!

i'm obsessed!
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