hold me and don't let go (arnogseel) wrote,
hold me and don't let go


Current Song:
-Kara's Flowers
"i can't find anything to be sad about
they say i'm doomed by i feel fine

i have tried so very hard as hell
to stay away from hell and live upstairs

i've been acting irresponsibly
but what could possibly go wrong"

is the week over yet?!
you dunno how much i am looking forward for this week to be over. midterms and projects and crap like that were all due this week. of course it is my fault for pro-ing and doign everything at the last min... but i cannnnnnntttt wait for this week to be over.

anyways a few days ago, while i was doing my take home midterm, i heard my dad say to my mom, "hey, take a look at how all the transgender, they're good looking" so i just HAD to go take a look. WTF?!?! why are these guys better looking than me?!?! what have this world come to, really. lol i wonder if i'll be a cute guy... LOL

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