hold me and don't let go (arnogseel) wrote,
hold me and don't let go

small world

Quote of the Day:
3/26 "my chi will be with you. when you are stuck, tired or out of ideas, just raise your arms in the air and quietly say, "ken give me your strength" and my chi will be there to be absorbed"

bwhahah!! guess what!?!? i FINALLY got a hold of him and went through with my mission!!! heheheheheh and he said, "yes!" can you believe it?!?!?!?! well i sure hope not hahahahah april's fools. i could've sworn to you that it feels like jsut recently i remember wanting to write a trick entry for april's fools last year... shoot... time passes by sooooooo fast. it's crazy.

while i should be sleeping today, i decided to check everyone's journey before i go to sleep. something i liek to do. it helps me sleep (ahahahahahh) and i noticed my friend is doing this whole LJ surviror thingy magingy so i decided to take a look. (now i would link the thing but i am very lazy right now at this stage.) and i was looking through all the ppl who are gonna be a part of this surviror thing... MY FRICKING GOD! I KNOW ONE OF THESE PEOPLE. wth?!

i mean he's not someone very close (apparently since i dunno he's on LJ) but he is someone i see often and someone i talk to every single time i see him. OMG well the name is the same for one... and the pictureS all look like him... sorta does and sorta doesnt... but i'm pretty convinced that it's him. what a small world. i'm still tripping over the whole factor that he's actually ON LJ, a part of LJ survivor and actually meet these LJ ppl in person and etc etc. man, he's hardcore AA and LJ! LOL sure doesnt look like it. sooooo trippy to find ppl you know on these things lol

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