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"Every step I'm taking is another mistake to you."

salina were given tarot cards a while back. (was it birthday?) and everytime she picks a card out of the deck, she always gets a card that describes her current situation and what she should do or what to expect or something. it hits the spot so well that it's scary. i've always wanted to try out her deck but i was never given the chance or i would end up forgetting.

today, she brought them out again and she happened to, once again, pick a card that hits the spot. scary. i was reminded how i still havent tried out her cards. so instead of waiting for the next time to pick one for myself, i just asked her to pick one for me. i said "just say 'for elle.' just for the heck of it"

this is what i got:

Reversed ten of cups: Delays and obstacles are standing in the way of your achieving the happiness you long for. Circumstances beyond your control may be the cause, and at the moment there's nothing you can do but keep a positive attitude and hold tight while waiting them to change. They will change.

for the ppl that knows my current situation, this is scary. as salina said, "oh man, wtf? it knew about the mission!" i just hope it's true =)

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