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oh yeah. stephen bought an ipod yesterday. everyone and their moms have ipods or are getting them. i feel like getting one just because everyone has one and not because i need it. i mean yeah i guess it is pretty nice to have it on the bus even tho i already have an mp3 discman. and once i buy that am/fm thing, it'll work pretty cool in my car too... but i dont even dl. like yeah i can give my discman to my sister or brother... and uh i guess i can get like a 20 gig... or maybe just a mini ipod/4 gig. bleh.

yes, i should save money.
ebay? LOLOL

edited: (2/2/2005) i went into the apple store yesterday and looked at all the ipods for a good five mins and decided not to buy it. i dont see what the fuss is about. not yet at least.

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