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valentine's day

happy valentine's day!

i know it's just some kind of consumer made up blah blah blah day. but i gotta admit it's fun when you have someone. and it doesnt really matter if you dont :) so we decided to celebrate it yesterday instead of today. which is fine with me. rain today, no rain yesterday :P it was more of a triple date thing, which is cool. i actually got him this shirt for valentine's day... and when i walked into his room (this was before he opened the present) and i closed the door... i saw the same shirt hanging at the door knob. and i stopped, stared at it and said "i think this is the exact same shirt i got you." and he's like "really?" and so he opened the present, laughed and said, "this is the exact same one! let's see if it's the right size... it is!" so yeah :\ but the good thing is that he planned on wearing that shirt last night... and i wanted him to wear it that night hahah i actually had a feeling that he might've have it already, so i got him a gift receipt, thank God. he said that that never happened to him before and it's actually a good thing because that just means i know what he likes.

anyways, this whole ping pong/goldfish thing is pretty fun.
levels i beat so far:
one, three, four, five, six, eight... and another one i forgot...

i feel that level two is impossible, but heather just beat it! :(

Last Cigarette: second hand smoke from Will last night XP
Last Alcoholic Drink: that's been a while... hahaha
Last Drug: in my past life
Last Car Ride: stephen giving me a ride home last night
Last Good Cry: two days ago, watching that movie hahaha jk
Last Library Book: uhhhh...
Last book bought: P.S. I Love You with Kevin's border's gift card :D
Last Movie Seen in Theatres: Hitch, good movie... except the end haha
Last Movie Rented: i rented... shit... i dont rent anymore now that i date a dl junkie. last dvd i watched was "in good company" as he would say "i love good quality illegal dl"
Last Cuss Word Uttered: shit LoL ^
Last Beverage Drank: tea
Last Food Consumed: roast duck over rice, thanks to Frank :D
Last Crush: you know, the one i'm dating now. daniel wu doesnt count right? ahahaha
Last Phone Call: frank
Last TV Show Watched: confessions of a taxi driver: ny, ny. i think it's called
Last Time Showered: this morning.
Last Shoes Worn: these, heheh my uh... timberland
Last CD Played: michael tolcher
Last Item Bought: i think it was some kind of food.
Last Download: this song for my manager haha
Last Annoyance: when the ping pong ball went in and bounce out of the bowl. argh!
Last Disappointment: hah... cant say it, then you'll say i'm materialistic hehe
Last Soda Drank: i think it was grape soda like a few weeks ago
Last Thing Written: an address
Last Key Used: the letter S... hahahah or my house keys
Last Words Spoken: what's the difference between this one and uttered?
Last Sleep: last night, this morning.
Last Ice Cream Eaten: these wrestling ones i got at this corner store in TL while waiting for der's singer hahah i love those!
Last Chair Sat in: the one i'm sitting on now. <-- same
Last hair color: it's kinda maroon now hehehe
Last song played: it's playing j raplh's the 6th day right now
Last time you got sick: i felt a little sick a few days ago, but i think i am ok now
Last time you said 'i love you': i say it to my whores all the time lol check out my space
Last handwritten letter: does a card count? <-- same thing, i wrote in a card.
Last time you talked to an ex: yesterday.
Last serious talk: a few weeks ago
Last time you hugged someone: yesterday :D
Last time you kissed someone: yesterday :D
Last person you talked to: i'm talking to my manager now

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