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nightmare and birthdays

last night i had a nightmare about zombies. yes, zombies. it basically started off me and my family all in a room. and it looked like we've been there for a while. and when my dad open the door to let someone out, you'll see zombies walking around real slowly in our house. like wtf? and my sister wanted to go to the bathroom and i'm telling her to be careful and she's like, "they're so slow. the bathroom is right outside anyways." and i'm thinking, "am i the only one scared of them!?" and there were a bunch of running around and what not... and it ended me being in a car with carlos and like... i think... heather?? some girl. hahahahah and carlos was driving/speeding. and apparently we needed something to stop the zombies and knew what it was. we were... however, dont ask me why... on top of a skyscraper and he just went all out and drove off the building... so we're falling. and i'm like "if any of you guys make this fall and i dont, tell my family i love them." it was like straight out of a movie. but we all survived the fall... which is impossible in real life. that fall is REALLY bad. maybe we became zombies too? or all died? anyways... yeah, then all of a sudden, we're driving again like no one is hurt and every zombie the car touches, it turns the zombies into dust like when buffy stakes a vampire in the heart....

yeah just decided to share my weird nightmare for you... because i woke up and it was raining... so it was dark. and no one was home... and for a second, when i walked out to go to the bathroom, i looked both sides to see if any zombies were walking around. yes, i know, i'm crazy. but i just thought of how it would be if there were such things as zombies... and i dunno how i can handle worrying about so many ppl at once.

anyways, on a lighter note, i was going through my handy dandy date book. a few days ago i asked luck to write in his birthday and since laura was in the car too, write hers down also. and so today i looked for their birthdays and on laura's birthday, all luck put was laura's full name. Uh... ok. LOL. and so i looked for his, just his full name. no luck's birthday. laura's birthday. nothing with birthdays, just full names. thought that was funny.

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