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the weekend

i really wanted to update for a while now... but i dunno what to write about. so i guess i'll write about my weekend before i go.


after work, i picked up frank and we went for a quick birthday present shopping. damn feb babies! naw, i'm just playing ;) anyway, it was extremely quick and i managed to get all i needed. :D power walking baby. then afterward, we went straight to japantown to meet up with all his friends for his birthday party. that was interesting. saw a lot of ppl i havent seen in a while and met a few new ones. afterward, we went to watch Constantine. rachel :D not a bad movie, i wanted to see it but i didnt expected much, so i liked it. :D


my sister woke me up and asked me to drive her to chinatown. i rolled out of bed, didnt change or brush or whatever and went to pick up her friend at twin peak. and while i drove them to chinatown, she asked me if i can get tickets for her for Constantine because it's rated R and she's not old enough to get it. after thinking for a long while, and what not, i decided to get her the tickets before i drop her off since there was a lot more time than expected. i basically ran into the metreon in my pj's, got the tickets and ran out. ugh, everyone that worked that morning knew me. so that was a little embarrassing. adn when i left the metreon, i got a call from one of the sargents, the first thing he said was, "no running!" hah

afterward, when i got home and got ready. i had brunch with stephen :D or how he would call it, "lunch" heheh he said "brunch" sounded too early. [br]lunch was good. then went to laura's house and had a whole mj party thing going on. that was fun. on the last game, laura wiped me out with her "13 yu" lol i was like "laura, just take all my chips" laura cooked and then we ate. afterward, played cranium and stategories, both fun games.


lazy day, slept the whole day. literally. :D that was like catching up.

and that's it. LOL kinda pointless :P

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