hold me and don't let go (arnogseel) wrote,
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parents gone

my parents are going to thailand for about half a month. my dad leaves tomorrow and my mom leaves on tues. so funny, i was asking them when they will be back and they're like "the 14th" and i said, "dude that's like half a month" and my dad said, "there's only 28 days for this month." ???? yeah that didnt really make sense to me either hahahah he's so funny. first it's march, so there's 31 days. and second, if there are only 28 days for the month... then they will be gone for MORE than half a month. he made it seem less LOL geez... for the next two weeks... home... what's that? LOL jk :P

shit. that's what happens man. they arent home and i go wild... no, i shouldnt. i'm responsible!! heh. right.

now my only concern is how to blackmail my siblings into NOT telling them how many times i dont come home... hmmm
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