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a weird dream. some surprising encounters. a survey

I had a weird dream last night again. It basically consisted of Carlos having a psycho stalker. but we dunno who the stalker is. just know she harasses all of Carlos' close gal friends and does nothing to carlos. being the smart guy he is, carlos was telling me who he thinks his stalker is, and it happened to be an acquaintance of ours (in real life, i dunno her at all) and she was actually with us at the time... but stepped away for a second when he told me that. so we found out who she is, but she doesnt know we know. so in my dream, i was out with carlos and her, and i was going to drive him and her and then i realized that my car is black. she apparently spray painted my car black! it looked awful! and then she hired someone to harass me on the road. and since my car is decently fast, the guy she hired drove some kind of rice rocket. and parked all weirdly next to me. i asked carlos to help me watch while i get out. i had a hard time getting out of my parking space, and scratched my car a little. when that happened, i heard her giggled a little in the back seat. then i got hella pissed off and managed my way out by frustration. carlos was impressed by that hahaha later in my dream, carlos and i tried to ditch her by lying to her saying we're all going to go home. and she's like "i thought you're going to MJ?" and yeah... the alarm woke me up. weird dream.

yesterday i went to play pool with ken and bryan. and i was there first, so i walked in, got a table and guess who i saw? i saw t with his gf and two other friends i've never met. his gf's like "hey!" and the first thing t said to me was, "who are you with?!" thinking i might be with Will. it was weird, ever since i quitted, i havent seen T since then. i was a little embarrassed because one, i was by myself and two, i had the table next to him. playing when he's around puts a lot of pressure on me because he plays so well. and it makes me play even worse than before, esp. when he turn his head to our table. stop looking, would ya?!?! i think because i havent seen him in a while, it made me realized that more or less, i'll always have some type of feelings for him. but i've moved on. really! i did! -- then he left, we said our goodbyes and guess who took his place? elaine and her bf, peter! i havent seen elaine in a while too! that was so weird. hahahah

Things you might or might not know about me:
taken from </a></b></a>salina

Five things that makes people think I am weird:
1) i'm always happy, hyper, bouncy
2) my devotion/obsession for things i like: e.g. music, going to concerts
3) how i eat so much but the weight doesnt really show (but it's starting to!)
4) how i want 5 kids
5) how i dont watch tv. what is an oc? LOL jk

Five things that annoy me
1) ppl that dont put on their seat beats
2) when i get accused for things i didnt do
3) hypocrites
4) whiny spoiled brats
5) ppl that brag. ALL THE TIME.

Five things I hate:
1) arrogance
2) narrow-mindedness
3) people who only know how to bitch and complain or/and brag a lot.
4) when ppl do a half ass job
5) this back pain >(

Five things I like:
1) stephen :)
2) music
3) my friends/family
4) things that make me laugh
5) fun things: snowboarding, board games :P

Five things I am afraid of:
1) the dark, yes i am
2) my imagination
3) i'm not too fond of big bugs either
4) losing a love one: mentally, physically, emotionally.
5) disappointing ppl i care about

Five things I am NOT afraid of:
1) the truth. i might not be able to always handle it but i can accept it. <-- ditto
2) if you ask me for my opinion/advice on something, i'll tell you EXACTLY what i think. i'm not one of those people who tell you what you just want to hear. i expect the same from you. <-- same, basically being blunt
3) confrontation.
4) overload of work. i rather be busy than be bored
5) change. change is good.

Five things that I rather do than the other:
1) I'd rather hang/go out with friends than sleep. (during my busy period of two pt jobs and ft school)
2) I'd rather watch a dvd or go to the theater than watch tv.
3) I'd rather be busy at work than bored at work
4) I'd rather be single than be with someone who doesnt like me
5) I'd rather risk it than to not take a chance.

Five things I want to do:
1) i want to go to NY and visit both martins
2) i want to get in shape
3) i want to keep in touch and stay friends with the ppl i've been friends with for a long time. <-- same
4) i want to always be happy. <-- yep
5) i want to meet edward norton :D

Five things I need to do:
1) I need to send out all these kits lol
2) I need to learn how to save money. haha. <--- yep
3) I need to finish all those scarfs... carlos' scarf is never ending...
4) I need to manage my time better
5) I need to watch what i eat

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