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some thoughts about this weekend...

malibu has upgraded a little on my fun list: bumper boats? wheee! even tho anyone that goes in there comes out wet, it's still really fun. will do it again! but... let's wait for the summer hahah

poker is so fun when it involves chips, no money and a prize you care nothing for LOL ALL IN! which reminds me, mj has less pressure when it involves no money or chips also! and... OoOoOhh... looking at pictures is fun! :D

i guess party at my house this sat. hahahah ant offered to cook! and we'll go clubbing afterward, ok? :D

and i know i said i shouldnt going to vegas this year (since i've been to vegas a lot last year), but with all the planning albert was talking about makes me wanna go again. hey, i think making it an annual thing is good :D same ppl, same place, each year. last year was fun. and would you stop inviting ppl to come with us if you know you probably wont end up doing it again?! haha and then blaming other ppl why those ppl are uninvited!?

i felt bad for brian, having to say "shhh" every five mins lol wouldnt you ppl just keep it down? i know you're drunk and all.. lol jk too bad i am dd or i would take a shot for you, really, i would :P and after not talking for so long, it's still kinda the same. i guess old habits die hard.

so for the first time ever, i saw carlos buzzed. it was quite amusing, he kept going, "hehe i'm so buzzed" it was cute hahaha and he was all bouncy and stuff. i didnt drink at all, but i sure acted a little drunk haha.

i thought smoking in a restaurant is ILLEGAL? i mean even if it's not, dont ppl have some respect and decency to NOT smoke in the restaurant? i mean, you cant last an hour of not smoking? and if you really cant, GO OUTSIDE and do it. shit... sigh.

listening to my husband on the radio is pretty interesting. it's my first time tuning into it. they talked about some interesting things. i think i might be tuning into it more often now. it's more interesting when it's someone you know. because then afterward, you can call them and be like "WTF was that?" ahah

and Avaitor won almost everything. except for the ones that mattered hahahah leading actor, leading actress, supporting actor, director and best movie. oh too bad, so sad. but i'm actually sad how finding neverland didnt win much.

and i had to end my weekend all bleh like. sigh. i guess, we'll see.

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