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This face analyzer i got off </a></b></a>salina's lj is pretty interesting. you can take it here.

Personality Profile:

You are a power driven risk-taker. Your desire to obtain power quickly propels you to take large risks, both financially and socially. You are so effective and confident when it comes to making short term decisions at crucial moments that it almost becomes contagious. Your high confidence level leads you to focus on the rewards of your decisions, rather than over-calculating. Your directness may make others think you are rude. You know what you want and you want it now.

Some people consider you a political mastermind as you are able to take advantage of peoples strengths and weaknesses so effectively, that it enables you to undertake and achieve monumental tasks. Others tend to characterize you as confrontational, but you take this as a compliment, and in turn you characterize these people as push-overs. You would rather stand up for yourself and those you care about and face confrontation, than avoid confrontation and give in. You act promptly when it comes to making big decisions and thus others look to you to carry the burden of responsibility.

Your view of other types
You consider Academic Types to be a valuable resource of advice. You constantly interact with them to make better decisions and you respect the opinion of certain Academics. Artist types do not concern you for you look down on them, you believe they waste too much time. You like Charmers but you dont always trust them or bring them too close. You can relate to the Gambler types' risk taking personality but for the most part you do not trust them. You may have some things in common with Blue collar types, but for the most part you only interact with Blue collar and White collar types during the course of business. You feel no pity for Drifters. You believe that they are lazy.

Other types view of you
Academic Types view you as potential business clients and as great resources to expand their contacts. Therefore they treat you with respect. Artist types see you as egotistical and selfish and they may only interact with you during their employment. Blue collar and White collar types sometimes disagree with you, but they respect you for the most part. They may even be envious of your lifestyle. Charmer Types tend to like you and try to get close to you because you possess the intimidating factor and confrontational attitude that they lack. Gambler types regard your type as their main competition to be on top. Drifter Types tend to feel that you types are a bad tempered bully.

Alpha Boss:
-Most ambitious
-Makes the smartest decisions
- Occupations examples: Military general, Dictator, Organized crime boss, CEO of large company, Large Business owner (management/people oriented business operation)

Beta Boss
-More ambitious than Theta but less than Alpha
-Makes smarter decisions than Theta but less than Alpha
-Occupation examples: High/medium ranking military officer, Small/medium business owner (management/people oriented business operation), Gangster

Theta Boss
-Fears and distractions may affect your ambition
-Makes less wise decisions than Alpha and Beta
-Occupation examples: Manager, Low level criminal, entertainer

i mean i get mistaken for korean and japanese a lot... so... yeah... at least i'm mostly chinese :P but hey, i'll be rich! bwhahahah! and to answer salina's question, i think it's pretty accurate for me. i'm high sociability, will be rich and very low gay factor :P but no really, it's pretty accurate... except for the money part... not yet at least :P

well i should give an emotionless picture... they said it's more accurate that way. so when i go home, i'll do it again :P yeah... that's like tomorrow night.

...... last night i had a dream that there was a stray dog. it looked just like jessica simpson's dog. small and cute. and i was watching it play and it fell down some stairs and hurt himself. so i carried it to a vet. and i was gonna keep it and give it a collar... have the vet give it shots, all that good stuff. so while the vet was curing him, i went to get him a collar, and when i came back he was all better... but before i could put on the collar, he ran off into the streets and two cars hit him and he died. :(

i dunno why i remember my dreams.

edited: OH yeah, since a Lindsay Lohan song came on, i was reminded that in my dream, before i saw the stray dog... i saw Lindsay Lohan reading a magazine and getting really upset. she was reading an article about Ashlee Simpson dating her ex ahahahah. OK i gotta stop reading In Touch.

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