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stages of work

i have three stages of work:

stage one
i come in at 930. i go straight ahead and check email, lj, surf the net

stage two
10, when the phones turn on. then i'll go into work mode. most of the time teehee.

stage three
530 rolls around and i turn off the phone and i'm acting like it's stage one again. so stage one and three are pretty much the same.

uh yeah, i'm so lazy... but stage two is not that lazy tho. i'm hardworking! :D so that's not that bad. just one hour of lazyness out of 7 and a half hours. my excuse.

anyway, after moving to a bigger desk, my back has been driving me nuts. so they are finally gonna order the chair for me :) so i'm excited about that. but since it's been like this for a while, i'm thinking of seeing a chiro anyway... any suggestions? i'll be doing a bunch of research, since they arent cheap... but i wanna hear some suggestions anyway heheh

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