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weird friends. thanks and TOM

so a few days ago frank im me and we did our usual talking and then he asked me if we're hiring. i told him, yes we are, gave him the link and told him what he'll be doing if he does get the job. and then he's like "i'll think about it" hehehe thought that was funny and weird at the same time. but i guess customer service just isnt his thing?

THEN i have this friend named LUCK, who loves to IM me in the middle of the night because he knows i'll be getting it on my phone while i'm sleeping. so last night while i was sleeping, i got woken up by his im/text messages. he made a few comments and then ended it with, "i really just wanted to wake you up =P goodnight and sweet dreams." geez, thanks! lol

OH yeah! yesterday i'm starting to bowl a lot better near the end. thanks to anthony for his tips :D they work! whee! just hope it continues to be that way next time. :P

ok, TOM. usually i dont keep track of these things because it's always on time, comes once a month and then leaves in a few days. but recently with my handy dandy databook i decided to mark them down and noticed a pattern. so i marked down the next possible day. well my calculations is either wrong or it's late or i'm pregnant hah. but it sucks because i keep thinking that it came, and i'll go to the bathroom and it's not here! UGH. but i get all the stupid cramps and stuff! i'm never marking the days ever again. it's so annoying to think about it all the time.

i'm so irritated.
my stomach or back or something around there hurts.

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